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What You Need To Know About Cannabis And Breast Cancer

There is reliable and growing for-real evidence suggesting that cannabis can slow the growth of tumors. Breast cancer is the second most common cancer in women; one in ten will be affected by it at some point. There are a variety of highly successful chemical, radiological, and surgical treatment options. But they’re not particularly pleasant. […]

Brewers Are Putting Cannabis Into Cans

As laws relax on recreational use, marijuana derivatives — from THC to terpenes — are showing up in beers and nonalcoholic drinks. For more than two decades, SweetWater Brewing Company’s best-seller has been its floral 420 Extra Pale Ale, the numerals slyly nodding to the beer’s April 20 birth date and the brewery’s fondness for marijuana: […]

Beer That Smells Like Cannabis Is Second-Best Selling

Selling cannabis-infused drinks is not legal in Georgia. But that hasn’t stopped one of the state’s most popular breweries from capitalizing on the burgeoning trend. The New York Times featured Atlanta-based SweetWater Brewing Company Wednesday as part of a story looking at how brewers nationwide are putting marijuana derivatives into their brews. SweetWater, of course, is not […]

Cannabis Companies Are Paying Federal Taxes In Cash And It’s Giving The IRS A Headache

Marijuana is now legal, in one form or another, in 33 US states and the District of Columbia. To the federal government, pot is still a drug classified no differently than heroin or cocaine. Yet cannabis businesses are still required to pay federal taxes. (More taxes than most, as Quartz’s Ephrat Livni pointed out last year.) The government collected an […]

After Long Wait, East Coast’s First Legal Pot Shops Set to Open

New England Treatment Access, which operates an existing Northampton medical dispensary, is hoping for the distinction of being the first commercial cannabis store to open east of the Mississippi. (AP) NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (AP) — With its youthful vibe and eclectic mix of culture, a small Massachusetts city seems a logical site for the nation’s first […]

These Are The Next 4 States To Legalize Marijuana

Tuesday’s 2018 midterm elections was a big success for cannabis advocates. Michigan legalized recreational marijuana, and while North Dakota rejected a similar measure, both Missouri and Utah voted in favor of medical marijuana. So far, 10 states and Washington, DC, have legalized the full use of marijuana, and 33 states and Washington, DC, have legalized medical marijuana. […]

The Cannabis Producer Cronos Posts Strong Revenue Growth But A Bigger Loss

Cronos Group reported third-quarter results on Tuesday. The marijuana producer’s revenue grew 186% year-over-year. It lost $0.04 a share, down from $0.01 profits per share. Watch Cronos Group trade live here. The Canadian cannabis grower Cronos Group on Tuesday reported third-quarter results that saw its revenue grow but loss widen. Shares were down as much as 5% in early […]

Is The Stigma Of Cannabis Preventing More Seniors From Using It?

Seniors are among the fastest-growing population of new cannabis users. However, the stigma behind cannabis could be keeping some seniors from getting much-needed relief from chronic pain, as well as sleepless nights. Greg Saweikis is one senior finding relief through cannabis. Since he was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer in 2017, he’s undergone rounds […]

Cannabis Edibles, Drinks Will Mark ‘2nd wave’ of Legalization

Producers Developing New Products Ahead Of Next October In the weeks after legalization, cannabis companies are already looking ahead to 2019, when edible cannabis products are expected to become legal. (Submitted) Now that recreational cannabis is legal in Canada, producers are looking forward to what they’re calling the “second wave” of legalization — edibles, drinks and […]

Weekly Cannabis Report: Mexico And U.S. Moving Closer To Pot Legalization

Cannabis stocks experienced a volatile week as gains from U.S. legalization and Sessions’ resignation were erased by Friday. Three U.S. States (Michigan, Missouri, and Utah) legalized marijuana and cannabis foe Jeff Sessions resigned as the Attorney General. Mexico’s incoming government proposes a new bill to legalize both medical and recreational cannabis on a national level. Welcome […]