This Is How To Buy Cheap Weed In Canada

A few factors may prompt you to want to find the cheap weed in Canada; you could be a natural penny pincher, or hard economic times could be forcing you to reconsider your spending habits. Whichever the case, be rest assured that you can find cheap weed anywhere. However, there are a few things that you need to look out for to ensure that you find the best quality of weed that there is for the most affordable price that you can get.

When it comes to cheap weed in Canada, cheap can be a relative term. Over in Uruguay, cheap weed literally means that, it’s almost dirt cheap. The government sets the price of weed in Canada, and it is usually around $2.5 per gram. If you were to buy 40 grams (maximum limit per month) you would be paying $100 which is quite fair. The government of Portugal set this base price to compete with the black market whose price was at $2.5.

Prices of weed in Canada are significantly higher than this. Unlike Uruguay, prices of weed in Canada are largely determined by demand-supply factors. Even though the provincial governments control cannabis sales at the wholesale level, retailers are free to set their prices which will vary from one province to the next.

In both countries where recreational cannabis has been legalized, the black market still plays a significant role in the pricing of cannabis. Consumers will prefer to buy from the black market when the price difference is significant. Hence, legal sellers must always factor in the cost of weed in the black market if they want to attract consumers to their stores. Unfortunately, law enforcement has not been able to crack down on the illegal sale of cannabis in both nations.

In spite of the lower prices of weed in the black market, it is always safer to buy cheap weed from legal and verifiable sources. 

The recent vaping crisis in the US brought to light the inherent risks that come with buying cheap weed off the streets. The CDC maintains that there could be more than one cause of lung injuries and fatalities and research is still ongoing. However, preliminary evidence points towards the use of vitamin A acetate in the site of lung injury in affected patients.

Vitamin A acetate is commonly used as a cheap cutting agent in the illegal cannabis market. The investigation also noted that most of the affected patients were using THC cartridges that had been purchased through informal and black market sources.

Bottom line is cheap weed is not always cheap, safety is always a factor.

Cost Of Legal Marijuana Canada Is High

In the third quarter of 2019, the price of legal weed in Canada dipped for the first time; by 6.4%. However, the cost of black market cannabis in Canada is still considerably higher.

Statistics Canada carried out a study to compare the prices of weed across different provinces in Canada, comparing both legal and illegal sources. They used crowdsourced data from one of their Apps.

The price of legal weed per gram in Canada in the third quarter was $7.37 per gram compared to $7.87 per gram in the previous quarter.

In the previous quarters since legalization, the price of weed had kept going higher in spite of increasing demand across the country. The price of black market cannabis went slightly further down as has been happening since legalization. It could be that the black market is doing everything possible to remain a viable option for consumers. And this may come as a risk to the consumer, considering that black market cannabis is unregulated you never know the extent to which black market sellers can go to maintain low prices for their products. Currently, the black market price of weed in Canada is $5.59 per gram, it was $5.94 in the second quarter of 2019. For the black market data, Statistics Canada analyzed cannabis prices from the websites of illegal online cannabis retailers.

Even with the drop, parting with $ 7.37 per gram of weed is still expensive for many Canadians, especially those who use a lot of it. Compare this with $2.5 per gram in Uruguay and you discover that Canada still has a long way to go in terms of pricing.

Let’s Define Cheap Weed

As mentioned above, there are boundaries to what may be defined as a cheap weed. On the high street, cheap weed might as well mean black market weed which is usually cheaper. It may also mean low-quality weed with low potency; something referred to as “schwag.” For many, this is the weed to resort to when “all else has failed.”

In the context of this article, cheap weed is neither illegal weed nor is it a low-quality weed. This article helps you find the best quality of weed that there is at the lowest price that you could access it at. To get this would require employing some skills, knowledge, and commitment.

Can You Get Cheap Weed Canada?

Even with the seemingly high prices of weed- upwards of $7 per gram- you can still be able to get weed at significantly cheaper prices if you look well. This will mean knowing the right places to look and finding a bargain on the best quality of weed that you find.

Below is where to find cheap weed in Canada and then next is how to get a bargain from the cheapest sources of weed.

Where To Buy Cheap Weed?

The prices of weed in Canada vary depending on the province, the weed dispensary, the strain and the type of weed product. There are provinces where the average weed price is above the national average while there are others where the price is below the national average. The first thing to do when trying to find the cheapest weed in Canada is to find the province that has the lowest average.

Prices of weed in Quebec are the lowest in the country so far, this is according to sata from Statistics Canada reflecting prices in the third quarter of 2019. In spite of the stringent policies on weed in the province, residents are having a good time when it comes to paying for weed.

British Colombia is also doing well when it comes to weed pricing; they are second only to Quebec.

Over in Ontario, the price of weed is close to the national average, the same goes for PEI and Saskatchewan.

The provinces with the highest price of weed are Newfoundland and Labrador, Yukon and Northwest territories.

Nova Scotia, Alberta, Manitoba, and New Brunswick are also expensive places to buy weed from. You will need a good strategy if you want to access cheap weed from these provinces.

The other factor that affects the price of weed in Canada is the use; medicinal grade cannabis is more expensive than non-medicinal cannabis. You can check here for a closer comparison of prices between medicinal versus non medicinal use cannabis-pre legalization.

How To Get Cheap Weed In Canada

After identifying the province where you can find the best bargain on weed, you should find ways to get the best deal on your weed purchase. Here are four tips to start you off.

Find A Cheap Weed Coupon

You can search online for a cheap weed coupon that will give you a discount on your purchase. You may be lucky enough to get up to 20% off on some coupons.

Make sure that you get a verified coupon from a legitimate cannabis seller. You can check sites such as:

  • Leafly coupon codes
  • Save on Cannabis
  • The chronic beaver
  • Weed deals
  • 420 coupon codes

Check the expiry of the coupon and make sure to purchase before its too late.

Find Clearance And Flash Sales

Most cannabis dispensaries will have clearance and flash sales from time to time. At such times the price discount may be as high as 30% off. This is a great opportunity to find cheap weed in Canada.

For example, peak 420 recently had a flash sale with 25% discounts.

Join A Referral or Affiliate Program

If you buy weed on the regular you can reduce how much you spend by referring others for a discount. How this works is that you refer to other customers and earn a commission from their purchase. The commissions may be as high as 15%. What you earn can be deducted from your next purchase. You can check here for some affiliate/ referral programs that you can join.

This is one of the most effective ways to get cheap weed in Canada; if you have 10 referrals and are getting a 10% discount on each you will be spending zero on your next purchase. However, it requires time and commitment.

Buy In Bulk

Buying in bulk is a great way to get cheap weed. Most cannabis dispensaries will offer discounts for bulk purchases. You can condense your purchases to bi/ tri-annually to allow you to make bulk purchases and get great discounts. You may also get free shipping when you purchase in bulk.

Where Can I Buy Cheap Weed Edibles In Canada?

Weed edibles are now legal in Canada. However, legal cannabis stores will start selling them in January 2020, after getting the go-ahead from Health Canada.

Weed edibles include baked treats, beverages, candies, and other cannabis-infused foods. The effects of edibles take a longer time to set in but they also last for a longer period.

Once the 60-90 days approval period has lapsed and Health Canada has given a go-ahead, provinces will be able to sell cannabis edibles to the public. 

In spite of Quebec offering one of the cheapest weed prices, it will not be possible to buy cheap weed edibles from this province. In a bid to keep cannabis out of the hands of children and youth, Quebec has restricted legal weed edibles to products that do not appeal to children such as non-alcoholic beverages and hash.

Can You Find Cheap Weed Online Canada?

You can find cheap weed online in Canada from sites that offer weed deals. It is easy to compare the prices of weed from online cannabis dispensaries. However, this may not be an apple-to-apple comparison as some products may be inferior to others. This means that you look deeper to ascertain the quality of weed product before comparing prices.Consider customer reviews on the company and weed products before committing your money to any.

Where To Buy Cheap Weed Online

You can find cheap weed online from any of the websites listed below.

  • GetKush
  • Marijuana Express
  • Ganjaexpress
  • Canna wholesalers
  • Bulkweedinbox
  • Budexpressnow
  • Buyweed
  • Quickgreens

Try Marijuana Express for Cheap weed in Canada

Marijuana Express is one of the best sites where you can find cheap weed deals on the regular. You can head out to their website to find the latest deals and coupons for different strains of weed and weed products.

You Can Grow Cheap Weed At Home

Leafly did a price comparison for buying weed versus growing weed at home; growing your weed at home is the cheapest way to go about finding cheap weed.

How To Grow Weed At Home Cheap

You can use fresh seaweed to reduce your cost of growing weed at home, that is if you happen to live near the ocean. Fresh seaweed contains a lot of nutrients and minerals such as sulfur, magnesium, boron, and calcium. It also helps the soil to retain moisture and may reduce the amount you have to water your plants. Lastly, seaweed provides antifungal and antibacterial properties that are beneficial for the growing plants. This will go a long way in reducing the cost of growing weed at home.

Canada Marijuana: How To Make Weed Prices Cheap

The prices of legal weed in Canada have gone down significantly in the recent past. Because prices are greatly affected by market factors, increasing the supply of legal weed may help to bring the cost down significantly. Also, crushing the black market will help to make weed cheap as this will help to create robustness in the legal cannabis market in Canada.


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